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EarthPulse 2010

March 9th, 2010 by Dave · No Comments

EarthPulse is a great website by National Geographic that provides an overview of many global issues. It starts with a series of essays by Thomas Hayden. He takes a much more strongly anti-consumerism stance than I expected from National Geographic.

…here we are, too far into the new century to pretend any longer that a new age of awareness and responsibility will suddenly emerge, unless we can gather the resolve to drag it kicking and screaming from our imaginations and into reality.

We have paused in our centuries-long push to produce and consume ever more now, and the most optimistic might say that this is our chance to breathe deeply and consider the sort of future we want for ourselves and for our planet. Will consumption continue to rule the day, or will we find ways to do more good for humanity, with less harm to the Earth? Will we make our recovery merely fast, or can we make it smart as well?

In addition to the essays, there are photo galleries of environmental migration, political migration, urbanization and irrigation.

There is also a really great infographic that illustrates a variety of statistics (population growth, water footprint, meat consumption, etc.) in an accessible way, with further links to infographics about each of the statistics. These are purely environmental in focus, though. For example, the infographic comparing meat types doesn’t mention anything about animal welfare or health, just resource consumption and pollution.

There is also an interactive quiz and links to resources for the various statistics. Finally, you can check out the 2008 version.

Thanks Larry

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