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TESOL 2013

March 14th, 2013 by Dave · No Comments

For those of you going to TESOL 2013 next week, I’ll be giving two presentations.

Thursday 3/21
1:00-1:45 in D163
Feeding International Students With the Language They Need

Students come to IEPs with religious, environmental, and ethical values that inform their diet. Lessons about food should therefore give students the language they need to control and explain their food choices. In this session, we look critically at food-themed materials from several textbooks and discuss supplementary activities.

Friday, 3/22
Socially Responsible Leadership

In this panel session, I’ll be speaking for 20-30 minutes, sharing ideas for bringing environmental responsibility into English language program administration. Emphasis will be placed on policies and practices that empower students to make environmentally responsible choices. For example, I will share my experience in creating and implementing a green student orientation aimed at familiarizing students with environmental resources both at the school and in the local area. This orientation raised student awareness of sustainable choices in terms of shopping, transportation, food and waste disposal. In addition, I will look at several ways to improve program resource use, including food service and paper consumption.

There are a bunch of other sessions that I’m looking forward to attending. I can already see I have some tough decisions to make!

Time Room Session
Thu. 3/21 1:00-1:45 D163 Feeding International Students With the Language They Need
Thu. 3/21 2:00-2:45 A302 Engaging or Offending? Adapting ESL Materials for Muslim Students
Thu. 3/21 2:00-2:45 D162 Purposeful Project-Based Learning in a Rural India College Campus
Thu. 3/21 2:00-2:45 D170 Service Learning and Teaching ESL: A Harmony of Ideals
Thu. 3/21 3:00-3:45 Roundtable Discussion Area Strategies to Address Bullying in the English Language Classroom
Thu. 3/21 3:00-4:45 D168 Critical Pedagogy in Practice: Six Settings
Thu. 3/21 7:00-7:30 Ballroom C2 Peacebuilding Skills for Teachers and Learners
Fri. 3/22 8:30-9:30 Arena Subconsciously Held Bias: Exposing the Myth of Racial Colorblindness
Fri. 3/22 10:00-10:45 D163 Opening Eyes and Minds With Local Community Based Research Projects
Fri. 3/22 10:00-11:45 A303 Harmonizing Language and Environmental Education: Inspiring Students to Be Green
Fri. 3/22 10:00-12:45 D223 Creating Global Citizens: Socially Responsible Educators in ESL Classrooms
Fri. 3/22 10:00-12:45 D221 Teacher Values, Beliefs and Identities in the ESOL Classroom
Fri. 3/22 11:00-11:45 C142 Building Partnerships: Incorporating Service Learning, Teacher Training Into ESL Programs
Fri. 3/22 1:00-2:45 D225 Socially Responsible Leadership
Fri. 3/22 3:00-3:45 D174 Creating Materials to Help Adults With Low Literacy Avoid Fraud
Fri. 3/22 3:00-3:45 D164 Infusing Gender Equity in EFL Classroom Teaching Practice
Fri. 3/22 3:00-4:45 C146 Social Class Identity: The Unspoken Undercurrent in TESOL
Sat. 3/23 10:00-10:45 D175 Occupy the Classroom: Getting Students Involved
Sat. 3/23 11:00-11:45 A305 Gender Issues in the Middle Eastern EFL Classroom
Sat. 3/23 11:00-11:45 A309 Helping the Poorest of the Poor in the Tourist Industry
Sat. 3/23 1:00-1:45 D175 Harmonizing Language Learning and Social Responsibility
Sat. 3/23 1:00-1:45 Roundtable Discussion Area ESP for Law Enforcement: Addressing Social Justice Issues Through Language
Sat. 3/23 3:00-3:45 D175 Building Peace Through Critical Literacy
Sat. 3/23 3:00-3:45 C143 Teaching Tolerance Through World Religions in the ESOL Classroom
Sat. 3/23 3:00-4:15 D160 Integrating Marginalized Identities to Interrupt the Normative Curriculum

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