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Global Issues and Activism in English Language Teaching

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ESL Materials and Activities

I’ve divided my ESL materials into two main sections: ESL activities and global issues-themed activities. Also check out the ESL activities (or global issues activities) that I’ve posted in the blog or discussed on the podcast. All handouts are available for download in .doc format and were made using OpenOffice.

I have also discussed a lot of activities in the podcast, and have links to many other resources that could be used in an ESL or EFL classroom. The secondhand gift exchange includes a lot of ideas and materials for teachers looking to raise students’ awareness of some environmental issues. Finally, you can check out some of the papers I have written if you’re interested in getting a bit more into the theory behind some of these materials.

Please feel free to use the handouts and modify them to suit your needs, but do give credit when and where appropriate. Also, if you have any materials of your own that you would like to share, please email me. I would be happy to host them for you!