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Greening an English Program – Difficulties

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Orientation – First of all, I think we tried to do too much in the orientation. We tried to cover too many issues and present too much information considering the time that we had. Several students later told me that they appreciated the information about food (GMO, local, organic, etc.) so I think focusing on that is good. Perhaps we could leave information about secondhand shops and transportation on the handouts, but not cover it in the orientation itself. Another problem is that some materials are difficult for low level students to understand. Dividing students into groups by level and modifying the materials could be helpful.

Activities – The biggest problem was a lack of enthusiasm for the more involved activities. During the first term, students overwhelming chose to watch the environmentally-themed movie. I would consider dropping such a passive activity in order to encourage students to do something more engaging.

Office Supplies – Initially, we had hoped to make some big changes to our office supply purchasing. Unfortunately, green office supplies are hard to find, and many of those that we were able to find online became prohibitively expensive when we factored in the cost of shipping them to Hawaii. Hopefully, this will change in coming years. In the meantime, we will continue to look for reasonably priced options.

Giveaway Shelf – School supplies went pretty quickly, but other items (the vast majority of which were brought in by staff, not students) lingered on the shelf. I’m not sure how best to stimulate student participation in this. Perhaps having an end-of-term (or beginning-of-term) swap meet or secondhand gift exchange would help.

Overall – This type of project requires a relatively high level of staff commitment. Fortunately, this wasn’t a problem at HELP, but it could be a problem in other programs. Trying to do this without the support of the administration, staff and teachers would be impossible. (Thanks guys!)

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