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If you know of a resource to add to one of these pages, please email me.

listservs One of the best ways to find out about ESL and global issues teaching materials is by joining email lists. Here are several that I subscribe to, some of which are ESL specific, while others deal with global education in general. As I find useful resources, I post them in the blog and add them to the sections below.
global issues ESL activities A variety of activities and materials on global issues made specifically for the ESL classroom. Some are electronic textbooks, others are in article format. They deal with environmental issues, gender issues, cultural issues and more.
global issues resources These are some of my favorite sources for information and activities based on global issues. They are broken down into the categories of global education, environmental education and peace education.
ESL resources Here you can find a variety of sites offering lots and lots of general ESL activities and materials. In the interest of efficiency, I tend to feature sites with lots of links as opposed to linking directly to individual activities.
news sites for English learners News articles are a great way to bring global issues into the language classroom. Here are some sites with articles aimed specifically at language learners. Many of them also offer supplemental materials such as vocabulary lists, audio recordings and grammar exercises.
professional organizations There are a lot of professional organizations available to teachers. Depending on where you are, they can be a great resource. Many offer conferences and other professional development opportunities. Several of them also have email lists which are open to the public.
global issues-related ESL articles In the course of writing the papers for my MA degree, I came across a variety of global issues-related ESL articles that are available online. There are more articles listed in the reference sections of my papers as well. You might also be interested in my collection of article excerpts.
other ESL articles This is where you can find other interesting ESL articles that don’t deal directly with global issues. Again, I have posted excerpts for some of these.
journals and newsletters There are many journals, newsletters and article collections available online. Some deal with English teaching, while the others deal more generally with teaching about global issues, social justice and environmental issues. All of the ones listed here have extensive, free online archives.
other resources This is a list of a bunch of other sites that don’t deal directly with ESL or global issues education, but could nonetheless be used in class. There aren’t a lot here yet, but their primarily audio or visual in nature.
software In the course of preparing materials and trying to save money, I’ve come across a variety of useful open source software. All of the materials on this site were created using these pieces of software. In addition to stuff that could be used for materials creation, I also include some more general things like anti-virus software, firewalls and so on.
China Info. Living in China, I’ve come across a few useful and interesting sites. This list is far from comprehensive, though. The bulk of the sites I’ve included deal with environmental and social responsibility in China.
the blog Two more places to check for useful links are the global issues and ESL resource sections of my blog. Many of the links I mention in the blog have also been included on one of the above pages, but not all of them.