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China Information

While living in China in 2007, I came across across a variety of interesting websites. Most of these have nothing to do with English teaching, but all are useful in their own way. If you find that one of the sites no longer exists, please email me.

Teaching in China

ESL/EFL in China – A collection of articles by Niu Qiang, PhD and Martin Wolff, J.D about English language teaching in China.

TEFL China – A collection of three listservs dedicated to teaching English in China. One focuses on teaching, one on jobs and one on life in general.

Environmental and Social Responsibility in China – A blog where you can read up on recent news, reports, events and trends dealing with “green” development in China.

Crossroads – Several professionals post a variety of China CSR-related information.

chinadialogue – A bilingual site dedicated to environmental problems in China and the world.

SynTao – A bilingual site with news, information on laws and an active message board.

China CSR – This magazine (available as a free PDF) covers corporate social responsibility in China. Overall, it seems very non-critical, mostly reprinting press releases and summarizing wire stories. Still, some of stories that they pick up are interesting, and the magazine is bilingual which makes it possible to use even with low-level (Chinese) classes. It is also interesting to see how corporate marketing executives perceive issues of social responsibility.

Here are three more sites that I haven’t been able to see personally because they’re blocked here in China. China Environmental News Digest | EcoHutong | Three Gorges Probe

I read about all of these sites here.

News in China

South China Morning Post – A Hong Kong-based newspaper that appears to be less subject to control by China’s central government.

The Epoch Times – A New York-based newspaper that has strong, critical coverage of China. It’s blocked from within China and I’m currently using to circumvent the Great Firewall.

The Hao Hao Report – Links to a variety of Chinese content, as they are submitted and voted on by members of the community. Because it’s community operated, many of the stories are presented somewhat informally, but they cover a wide range of issues and sometimes find things that don’t come up in major news sources.

Little Red Blog – A good source for China-related internet news.

Living in China – There are many sites that promise Chinese train schedules, but this one actually works, even with complicated routes. Note: It’s all in Chinese.

Learning Chinese Online – A collection of links for online Chinese learning.


Rock in China – A blog, forums and podcast offering information on and samples of rock in China.