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Working with Streaming Audio for ESL – Editing and Saving the Clip

Before doing any editing in Audacity, save your recording. Do this by clicking on the file menu and selecting the “Save project” option. Saving it a project enables you to edit it, but you won’t be able to play this file with other programs.

To edit, click on the selection tool in the upper left. It looks like a cursor, and is probably already selected. Click and drag to highlight the part at the beginning of the clip that you do not want to use. Press delete to get rid of it. Do the same thing with any extra time at the end of the clip. Play the clip through once to make sure it is just as you want it.

Now, we are ready to export it as an MP3. About halfway down the file menu, select the option “Export as an MP3”. Name the file. Next, you will be prompted to show Audacity where the LAME MP3 encoder is. You will only do this the first time you encode an MP3. Finally, you will be prompted to enter the ID3 data for the file. This will tell users about the file, and will appear in the player when the file is loaded. Enter as much or as little as you like and press OK.

You’re done! Play the MP3 file you just created to make sure that everything went smoothly. On the next page, we’ll look at a simple activity I made using the clip we just recorded.

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