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Working with Streaming Audio for ESL – Software

First of all, we need to get some software. Of course, before downloading and installing anything, you want to make sure that your firewall and anti-virus software are running and recently updated.

Audacity Audacity is a simple but powerful recording and editing tool. It can be used to work with existing audio files and streaming audio, in addition to creating recordings from scratch. To install Audacity, download and run the file “Audacity X.X.X installer” (the X’s represent the current version number). Make sure you get the stable version and not the beta one.

On the Audacity download page, notice the optional downloads. Most of these have to do with plug-ins, which add a variety of digital effects (flange, delay, reverb, etc.) that can be used to modify audio files. We only need one of them.

LAME MP3 encoder The LAME MP3 encoder enables you to save your Audacity projects as MP3s, making them more portable. Installing the MP3 encoder is pretty straightforward, and the instructions are clear. Remember where you put the “lame_enc.dll” file, as you’ll need to point Audacity to it later on. I suggest sticking it in the Audacity folder.

Once we’ve installed Audacity and the MP3 encoder, we’re ready to start recording and editing.

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