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Podcast #12 – Two Discussion Activities (Students Misbehaving and Athlete Salaries)

June 17th, 2007 by Dave · No Comments


I begin with a discussion activity that I came up with after seeing this clip of students tormenting their teacher in Beijing. After having students share what they knew about this, I had them go through a set of discussion questions (below). I found this news story via the Hao Hao Report, a cool website for content on China.

Next, I briefly described an upcoming job. I’ll be teaching 20-30 junior and senior high school teachers for 17 hours during the last week of the semester. I believe that I’m expected to teach them English, but I’m more interested in helping them with teaching techniques. If you have any experience with this type of thing and would like to share your ideas, email me.

I next talked about a discussion activity on athletes and money. I got a list of the highest paid athletes by combining a domestic list and an international list. The questions we discussed are listed below.

The last thing I mentioned was the website dropping knowledge.

Beijing Boy Activity

  1. Is this behavior unusual?
  2. How did students usually behave in your school?
  3. What do you think the punishment should be for these students?
  4. Why do you think students would act this way?

Athletes and Money

  1. Why do you think we pay athletes so much money?
  2. Who do you think is the highest paid athlete?
  3. Who do you think is the highest paid non-American athlete?
  4. Who do you think is the highest paid female athlete?
  5. Which sports / countries do you think are in the top 10?
  6. Why do you think advertisers want athletes to represent their products?

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or want to share some ideas of your own.

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