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Responsible Consumption Month: The ID Project

January 8th, 2008 by Dave · 1 Comment

The Interdependence Project is a New York based non-profit group that brings together meditation and activism. I became aware of them through their podcast, 21st Century Buddhism.

In January, they are conducting their 2nd month of responsible consumption. The tenets of the month are:

  1. Daily meditation.
  2. Limiting use of plastic bags, disposable coffee cups, electricity, and so on.
  3. Walking, biking or using public transportation whenever possible
  4. Eating lightly packaged local food and less meat.
  5. Limiting general consumption, trying to buy things secondhand.
  6. Finding another personal way to reduce consumption (giving up cigarettes, coffee, etc.).
  7. Sharing your experience on a daily basis.

Because I can no longer listen to the podcast (it’s blocked in China) this event crept up on me, but I think it would be a great activity to bring into the language classroom, and a powerful way to introduce a wide range of global issues. I have done individual activism projects before, and found them to be very worthwhile. I especially like the final item on the list — participants are encouraged to journal about their experience and realizations during the course of the month. Students could participate on the message board, or simply share their thoughts with their classmates.

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  • 1 shanie // Jan 18, 2008 at 11:05 am

    It put ” Daily Meditation” to be first one.
    I have a friend believe in Buddhism, but no matter we are buddhist or not, meditation is really very important to everyone, rightabout what we are most lack of..I mean most of chinese, I don’t know what other contries pepole do.