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Global Issues and Activism in English Language Teaching

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Papers and Publications

Royal, D. (2012). Going Green with English Language Learners. Colorin Colorado. Washington, D. C.

Royal, D. (2008) & Davis K. Greening an Intensive English Programme. IATEFL GISIG Newsletter, 22, 18-21.

Royal, D. (2007). Global Issues, Everyday Actions. Global Issues in Language Education, 65, 15-17.

Royal, D. (2007). Global Issues Lesson Plan 1: Boycott! Global Issues Chatterbox, 2, 5.

Below are a few papers I wrote during my MA degree.

Global Issues, Everyday Actions – This was the scholarly paper for my MA degree. It is much longer than the article of the same name above (35 pages) and it talks about the individual action project. This version focuses more on language learning than the published excerpt. The materials for the activity are available here and I talked about it on Podcast #9.

I also did a shorter version (20 pages) for a class that talked about a second occurrence of the project, focusing more on behavior change than language learning.

Environmental Literature Activities – A write-up of a pair of environmentally-themed literature activities. The materials are available here and I discussed it on Podcast #6.

An Environmental Administrator – Written for a course on program administration, this paper has ideas on how an administrator could make an English program more environmentally responsible. This lead to the Greening HELP Project.